Acknowledging the Illusion

Acknowledging the Illusion

An autobiographical image of the human constructs that make up our identity in the formative years. An addled deconstruction of hallucinogenic teenage wasteland into a barren, existential landscape.

This is a representation of my personal formal operational stage which is when a person is capable of being able to think abstractly and conceptually. When taken a step further, having the realization that 'so-called' objective reality is nothing more than a personal and subjective processing of the external world and reconstructing it and reshaping it into one's own at times seemingly incongruent imagery.

In this painting the 'acknowledging of the illusion' is shown literally with the decoratif of the nailed, hanging sky draped over cubes with clouds floating off the painting.

Then figuratively with first the main sculpted bust of a giant torso image which has the arc de triomphe from Paris' Champs de Elysee cutting an arch and exposing a living heart. Three different styles of sculpture are shown representing, a deteriorating bronze male (foreground), a female marble figure which has a straight-edged cut away along her left side (middle ground), and a smooth polished brown ivory abstract madonna (background) giving human presence to the landscape.

The elevating 3D map of Collingdale lifts out of the earth in the far right foreground, where I personally experienced this 'coming of age.' A hole in the wall to the left signifies the literal 'breakthrough'. There are concentrated bursts of strongly colored images/basic shapes; the orange planet, the red heart, the blue egg-shaped earth and the green apple with a cube cut out and protruding in an exploded view.