The Analysis of the Symbolic Justification of the Existence of God

The Analysis of the Symbolic Justification of the Existence of God

The premise/inspiration of this painting was to paint the most recognizable image of the western world (the crucifixion of Jesus), drained of its typical religious symbolism and sentiment and viewed from a purely objective perspective. The intention was not to be sacrilegious or to promote a secular viewpoint, but a viewpoint outside of either realm.

Looking objectively at the importance of this one symbol as sacrosanct to the religious world, I am also looking at the reasoning, rational and logic behind "how" a devout person explains the existence of God and the emotional connection that is felt towards the symbol of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross.

One explanation for the existence of God is that the perfection of genetic engineering is so incredibly complex that there has to be someone controlling this development and also some ultimate purpose for all of this development - i.e. the teleologic explanation. The silhouette of the woman's body on the right side of the painting symbolizes this perfection of human genetic engineering and is contrasted within the same form by the duality of the desecration of this great genetic engineering feat by acts of immorality - prostitution (the coins falling into the rippling water within the woman's body), which within religious context is judged as being morally transgressive ant therefore leading to an adverse final consequence - finding yourself in hell as opposed to heaven on judgement day.

Another premise which is difficult to reconcile within a religious viewpoint is the question "why does God punish those who are without sin?" (such as an innocent newborn who suffers extreme pain its entire life and then dies). This is what the partial image of a writhing face and the image of the back of a head of a fallen child symbolize on the left side of the painting.

The dark black universe is the physical representation of existentialism. The torn area at the upper left of the painting which reveals the universe symbolizes levels beyond the surface level.