Death of Music

The Death of Music

This painting is more about a personal "death of music" where my self portrait with a screw through my forehead runs into the orange with headphones around it. There is a cross with a crucifixion of a dangling guitar body in the left foreground. The crab in the right foreground has a screw through it, symbolizing death, the crab is a symbol of rebirth so in otherwards, no more rebirth. The last two members of the Beatles from the Abbey Road album cover art, George and Paul walking out of frame on their last album together is emblematic of the end of an era.

The gorilla playing the maracas is from the song 'Mind Games' where I used to think that Lennon was singing 'doing the mind gorillas' where he was actually singing 'mind guerillas.'

The zipper that runs down the back of the woman and exposes her spine and rib cage is repeated in the left foreground as opening a hole in the landscape for the serpentine river.

In general all of the movement in the painting is walking towards or facing the far off distance and the city on the horizon and there is a fading moon in the early morning sky.