Incongruent Juxtaposition

The Incongruent Juxtaposition of Fertilization

A surrealistic interpretation of the process of fertilization. Emerging from a biomorphic green male figure in the lower right corner, a line of tadpoles swim across a lagoon and then walk to a spiral stairway with an arched doorway cut into the reclining female statue. She has a rose growing out of the cutout window in her abdomen and torso. They pass a giant marble of the earth with a blue statue woman whose form correlates to the western hemisphere shape, and a foreshortened upside down floating woman. They pass an egg with the continents on them that breaks open the yolk into a frying pan. They also pass another statue of a woman (cut in half vertically) inside of a row boat.

A fetus replaces the endocarp of a peach just below a cow with the continents for white spots. The city of Philadelphia breaks through a hole in the left foreground.

A last supper with gnats replacing the apostles has a painting behind the table and a woman at the head of the table is either in the painting or in front of it.

More female shapes - an hour glass, a statue with a greenish patina and another hole in the torso accompany a spoon with two female zebra centaurs. A giraffe with a hand instead of a head holds an empty walnut shell and another has a fork cutting through its body and a knight of armor helmet. A bronze statue of an abstract couple embracing lies in the background.