The Method of Isolation

The method of isolation means that anything in and of itself when isolated from everything else doesn't lose any of it's significance or meaning. An example from Clive Bell's book 'Art' is the basis for this painting... So a loaf of bread on earth is a very good thing because it leads to a human being using it for sustenance, which leads to a healthier person, which then can lead to someone thinking and from there appreciating art, but on another planet, say Mars, a loaf of bread doesn't do anyone any good because there is no life there as far as we know, certainly not evolved enough to think or therefore to have any kind of appreciation of art.

The basic rudimentary building blocks for all images constructed in art are cubes, spheres and cones, and the basic colors are Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (red, yellow and blue). In this painting I tried to isolate both of them meaning to use them together and isolating them each without using any kind of background.

They are both the strongest shapes and the strongest primary colors.

Also, when someone starts out drawing or painting at art school they usually start them with still lifes because the artist can arrange and compose the scene as well as developing skills in modeling from the most basic shapes, cube, sphere and cylinder.

On top of these basic shapes I did add some fairly complex imagery on the surface of each shape.