Recreation of the Id

Recreation of the Id

This painting originated with the idea of Sigmund Freud inside of an egg being reborn (only old). So from the title the id which in Freud's theory is the part of the psyche where our instinctual, visceral drives originate is being reborn or recreated here. Recreation being a double meaning of 1. reborn and 2. an enjoyable activity.

The two smaller transparent heads of Freud fading backward reference the dream-like state that was the focus of his theory of repressing our unconcious desires which he described as unfulfilled repressed sexual desires. The statue of the woman in the center is symbolic of his desire of wish fulfillment. The bird ontop of the statue reinforcing the idea that this is indeed a statue.

The hand on the left holds an egg symbolizing birth. The cloud that penetrates the egg and enters by winding in from the background serves two purposes 1. symbolizing God giving life and 2. bridging the background with the forground (which the two flying birds also do.) A semi-transparent Freud with his back turned in the background lends itself to the theme of the ethereality of dreams.

On this painting instead of signing it in the normal way I put my signature "Pan" in the dead center of the painting where the wall is worn away and reveals my name in faded graffiti.